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Mikatsuki Budogu is an established Kendo shop in Saga prefecture and serves some of Japan's top level Kendoka. Including police 'Tokuren' and many 8-dan Sensei.


Mikatsuki Budogu owner (Mr. Iwai - left), has partnered with Andy Fisher (right) to bring top quality Kendo equipment to the world, direct from Japan, at a fantastic price!

We have partnered with British Kendoka, and well known Kendogu professional - Andy Fisher, to bring the international Kendo community an English language website, and also English language customer service. The goal of Mikatsuki Bugodu is to bring a brand new range of Kendo equipment, shipped directly from Japan, at a new, all-time low-cost!

If you are ever visiting Saga prefecture, feel free to get in touch, and come and visit our flagship store :